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Our Beloved

Mamas & Papas & Bentley too


All health clearances and Berner-Garde #'s are listed below


Maserati aka 'Maz'

Champion Maserati Bernenska Dolina!  This beautiful boy came from Poland!  He is so beautiful inside and out.  We were fortunate enough to make him ours and give him a home!  He came from show lines of champions top and bottom.  A wealth of health certificates and clearances from mom and dad side.  He was on the show circuit and conquered that with grace.  We can only hope that his wisdom, health, beauty, companionship and loyalty to his family will be passed on to his offspring.  He is one of a kind and we are so excited to offer his pups!  

DM clear  HD Fair  ED Normal  VWd clear BG#129029


Update: Buster has gone on to his forever home!  He is now living with Cris and loves his life.  He needed her as much as she needed him and we couldn't be happier!!!!    He was such a great boy for our family and guests. But we still have the fortune of visiting with him since he lives so close to home.

DM N/N  HD prelim Good  ED prelim Normal  VWd clear


Lizzie is such a sweetheart.  She was born and raised on our farm.  Her dam (Kipsy) lived with us her whole life and will be forever missed! Lizzie truthfully does not have a mean cell in her body!  She is absolutely amazing and a wonderful mama.  Her pups are gorgeous and we are always excited to see what she will have!


 HD Good  ED Normal  DM N/N vWD clear BG#145087 


Jenny is one proud mama!  She loves her babies as much as she loves us.  She is always ready to go and loves life to its fullest!  She is as sweet as her pups.  She is an over achiever and has delivered 2 separate litters with 19 pups each litter.  She delivered every single one of them!!  She is one extraordinary Mama!! We will breed her one more time and then she will be retired and living the good life.

 HD Good  ED Normal  DM N/N vWD clear BG#136441


We are so proud to have this girl!  She comes from a top show family.  Her sire and dam are both champions and her champion lines go for generations!  Her lineage dates back for generations with a clean bill of health on both sides.  Julia is an amazingly calm and quiet berner.  She rarely says anything.  She is as sweet as they come!  We are so excited to be able to offer pups from this girl!  She has patience for days with her pups and humans too!!  Looking for a therapy berner? Her pups would make amazing Canine Good Citizens....

DM N/N  HD Good  ED Normal  vWD clear BG#145088


Then there is Bentley!  He is one extraordinary family fur ball.  This guy is a prime example of why we chose this breed.  He is loyal, amazingly patient, kind hearted, loving to his human babies and such a HUGE part of our family!!!  He repeatedly proves himself time and time again.  He is an amazing therapy Canine Good Citizen.  He brings joy to everyone he meets!!  He is our neutered big loafer and we seriously could not imagine life without our Bentley Boo!

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