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Feel free to click an image below to scroll through all our farm favorites!!



Our Pygmy goats are such a joy to be around!  We give them so much love and attention right from birth that they truly believe that we could be their mama!!  I still have my original mix breed pygmies that I sell as pet grade and they certainly do make GREAT pets!  You are welcome to scroll through and enjoy some of our fun pictures and videos.  We show our registered herd at local NPGA shows and attend our county fair too.


When it comes to a loving family found it with a Bernese Mountain Dog!!  These dogs are so loyal to their family and absolutely LOVE your affection.  Even though they can grow to a massive 120lbs, they think they are still a lap dog.  These Berners are gentle and kind.  If you and your family have been looking for that perfect dog, look no further.


Here at our farm we treat all of our animals with the highest care and concern.  Our miniature horses started us off in 2003 and we could not part with them!  Some are in a trick training program and some are therapy able.  Our stallion is a homozygous pinto gene brown and white teeny tiny 26" structurally correct mini.  We are so proud to have had the chance to purchase this nice boy in 2014.  Our minis have been in our cars and taken wherever it is that we go.  They love children and attention.  I breed for healthy, strong and great temperaments.  Our minis are our pets....they are cared for each and every day!!


We no longer breed or have miniature pigs.  I just couldn't take down all of these adorable pictures of our babies that we had over the years.  They are hard to resist but please be totally committed to them and full of knowledge before buying one for your house!  They are super fun to train and have for companions but are truly a time commitment!  
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