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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France

Bernese Mountain Dogs

There is nothing that makes your dog have a better day than to get loving attention from their owners!  These Berners are loyal, loving, careful, playful, agile, and huge teddy bears!!  The first bernese that I came across was at a local childrens hospital while working the floor as a nurse.  He would come every week and I was always the first to greet him.  I told my husband that I would own a bernese one day and that is all it took for my husband to surprise me!  So it is known that our farm mostly consists of MINIS....the only thing mini about a bernese is when they are pups but shortly outgrow the mini stage thereafter:)  While bernese can have complications with hip and elbow dysplasia,  our lineage do not have any known hip or elbow complications and we go the extra mile to assure healthy pups and parents.  Our pups get all the extra attention that they deserve.  We have 5 young children that play with and interact with each pup every day.  These pups are always social delights!  They absolutely love kids and human interaction.  By the time you get to pick up your pup, they are working on being potty trained and transition very well.  We always provide a puppy pack which makes their first night away from their siblings a little easier.  If you are looking for a perfect loyal family companion, you will definitely find that with a Bernese!



Then there is Bentley!  He is one extraordinary family fur ball.  This guy is a prime example of why we chose this breed.  He is loyal, amazingly patient, kind hearted, loving to his human babies and such a HUGE part of our family!!!  He repeatedly proves himself time and time again.  He is an amazing therapy Canine Good Citizen.  He brings joy to everyone he meets!!  He is our neutered big loafer and we seriously could not imagine life without our Bentley Boo!



Pygmy Goats
Oh how I absolutely LOVE my pygmy goats!  Because of our time spent together, our 'kids' (baby goats) truly think of us as a second mama.  We are around them daily and spend time in their pen with them.   All our pygmy goats are with their mother until weaning because this truly is the best opportunity for them to get off on the right foot!  Pygmy goats do love to play and need room to run around.  They will turn a tree stump into a playground:)  Their fencing needs to be high enough so that they can not jump out...they are very good on their feet.  They will eat absolutely anything in front of them.  There is a list of poisonous plants so be sure to check out the NPGA website before buying a pygmy.  They eat a grain base with a daily rationed mix hay.  Fresh water always a must.  Your goat will always come banded unless prior arrangements are made.  Vaccinations and dewormer will be given before leaving our farm.  The average weaning is 10weeks.

All adoptions will be on a written contract. We hand select a great fit for you and your animal.  At this time, we do not ship for that reason.  Deposit is always nonrefundable but may transfer at sellers discretion.  Deposit may be paid through paypal before purchasing your new baby.  Thanks for visiting, from our family to yours.

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